And We’re Off To Chicago!

Our Team of 16 students and 7 adults headed out on our exciting week long adventure of serving in Chicago! Our drive was mostly uneventful, aside from a few short bouts of some semi-heavy rain and getting held up momentarily by another driver who didn’t realize they were in the EZPass only lane. 😀
We arrived without incident and right on time to Dunamis Life Church, where we had to have set a record for unloading as we needed to quickly move the vehicles so that we didn’t hold up a fundraising event they were in the middle of. Once we parked we were able to meet our hosts and hear a little about the church and their ministries here.
We then got the sleeping areas set, and took a tour of the large building that the ministry owns. After a delicious dinner, we reviewed our schedule for the week and for tomorrow.
Finally, we were challenged with whether we were willing to be pliable clay in the hands of our Heavenly Father this week, or if we were going to be hard lumps who refused to allow God to mold us in to the vessels that He wanted to use to impact others.
Thank you to those who are and have already been lifting us up in prayer. God has been good so far, and I’m confident that He is going to do great things in and through us this week. We hit the ground running tomorrow with work projects around the church AND sending part of the team to serve at a senior center across the street. There is MUCH to be done here! Thankfully, lights out is very soon!
Until tomorrow…
Nothing like a little Micky D’s at Chipotle…? 🙂
Our host church for the week!
Getting all settled into our diggs.

Washington DC Day 5

Today was a powerful day of commitments for our students. We spent significant time processing our experiences this week, with the goal of making several commitments for the coming school year. These commitments included:
  1. Making time in our daily schedules to connect with God in prayer and Bible reading
  2. Surround ourselves with Godly influences who will help us live for Christ and proclaim the Gospel
  3. Share the Gospel regularly, to a specific list of friends and family that we came up with.
Additionally, we spent time strategizing specific ways we can be more Gospel advancing as a youth ministry in the coming year. It was exciting to see our students set God-sized goals with practical steps and built in accountability. Please pray for them as they seek to share Christ boldly in the coming year.
Tomorrow we’re heading back home. But first, we’re going to visit Arlington National Cemetery and enjoy some free time walking around the National Mall. 
Just a reminder – pickup is at planned for around 10:30 pm on Saturday, July 28. (We’re targeting a 10:00 pm arrival, with time to unpack and clean the vehicles.) If we’re off from that target significantly (more than 15 minutes) we’ll do our best to notify families in advance.

Washington DC Day 4

Today’s focus was SHARE. While we’ve been sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in various ways throughout the week, today had a special SHARE focus. We spent significant time in the blocks surrounding our nation’s capital intentionally encountering people with the goal of sharing the gospel.

Washington DC Day 3

Let’s be honest – you came for he pictures… So here you go. You’ll have to stick around and read about our day to see the rest.
Yesterday (Tuesday) was our PRAYER day, with a focus on praying for the people of DC, praying for our unsaved family and friends, and looking for opportunities to pray for people we observe and encounter.
Today (Wednesday) was our CARE day, with a focus on identifying and meeting needs, showing Christ’s love and care in practical ways. In order to accomplish this, we partnered with a community center in a challenged community to help them put on a family outreach. This center is run by a partnership of Christian organizations and churches that want to impact their community for Christ. Our students were involved in running various aspects of this outreach including: soccer, basketball, various crafts and other games/activities. The end of our CARE experience was a community meal where hundreds were fed. It was so inspiring to see our youth serving, outside of their comfort zones in some case. I didn’t hear a single complaint, even during a torrential downpour where we all got soaked.
We appreciate your continued prayers. Please pray for:
  • Several students who are exhausted or struggling from the heat and activity
  • That we would look for an make opportunities to share Christ with others
  • That we would listen for what God wants to teach us through these experiences


Washington DC Day 2

Today stared early, with a short, but interesting drive to our ministry host site. Various parts of major roads were closed or coned off because of significant storms and rain throughout the the night. We were a bit concerned that these storms, predicted throughout the day, would impact our ability to be out in the city. Praise God that He held off most of the rain, aside from some sprinkles in the afternoon.

Washington DC Day 1

And we’re off. Thanks so much for your encouragement and strong support.Today we are traveling to DC, settling into our hotel, and having orientation.

2018 Summer Trips Meeting

Parents and students are invited to join us this Sunday, in the Sr. High Room at 12:30 pm for our Summer Trips Info Meeting. We’ll discuss the pertinent details for each of our summer trips and answer your questions. 
We hope to see you there!

Haiti Day 1.2

We’ve all arrived safe and sound and ate settling into the Mission of Hope base. It was a tiring day of travel, but we’ll worth it. This is a beautiful country. Tomorrow we have orientation, a tour if several MOH facilities, and 2 worship services.

Adventure Awaits!

We have officially been comissioned! We are excited for the week and are expecting God to do great things in us and through us. Students need to be at church at 8AM on Monday, then we are headed to Indianapolis!  Thank you for your prayers and support!

2016-07-30 Mission Indy Day 7

Home… safe and sound.  ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………….