Indy 2020 – Day 5 Update

Today was a day full of projects. The students have been working so hard, efficiently, and quickly on everything that we have given them, that we are left searching for more projects than what had originally been planned. We all feel so blessed to be able to have spent the past few days working to assist Kids Inc and Horizon Central.

The group of painters continued their work of painting door frames throughout the entirety of the building. With the speed that they were going we quickly realized that more painting projects needed to be found. A few of the students were sent down into the basement to repaint some of the brick columns where the paint was falling off and others got to work on giving a few of the doors a fresh coat of paint. The majority of the painting has been done and the team has enjoyed the task of peeling off the tape and competing to make the largest tape ball.

Another group of students headed outside to the parking lot to patch potholes, repaint posts, and paint fresh parking lines on the pavement. They of course finished this in no time and were split to conquer the jungles of weeds that had grown in a few of the gardens across the property. This was no easy task. The plots of land had been left unattended by human hands since early spring when the school closed, but had been taken over by briar bushes, spiky dandelions, and small trees. It made for hot, tiring work out in the sun. But the students did not let this stop them. They worked until break time with smiles on their faces the whole time, not once did I hear them complain.

This experience has been such a blessing for me, and I have felt honored to be able to come on this trip and work alongside your students. They have worked so hard and continue to amaze me with their dedication to God and their openness to learn.  The good that they are doing both for the community here and for God’s kingdom will last for years to come. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Sarah Oleson, Summer Intern
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