Indy 2020 – Day 6, The Student Perspective

My trip to Indy was a really great experience and a fun time. Coming into this trip no one knew what to expect and then when we would find out each day, and people would get right to work. During my time in Indy, my favorite job was most likely mulching. Although I didn’t do all of the mulching, I still had a good time. Being with people who laugh, make jokes, smile, it just makes it so much more enjoyable. During mulching, I was surrounded by just that. This made mulching a really great time.

Coming on this trip was questionable and filled with a lot of confusion because of COVID-19. Leading up to leaving for the trip I was always worried that I wouldn’t be with my friends at the dorm rooms and in the vehicles. When we got assigned vehicles I wasn’t with all the people I wanted to be with. This was disappointing and made me fearful I wouldn’t have someone to talk to. Then when we arrived we got assigned dorm rooms and I wasn’t with them again, so this made me think I will never see them because I am not with them in the car or in a room together. As the week went on, I started to realize that it is okay not to be with them all the time. I can make new relationships and build up other ones, and I did. God also showed me it was okay through Sarah, one of our summer interns. Sarah challenged us to start sitting with new people at meals and intermix. This was another opportunity to work with others, have a conversation, and get to know each other more.

Overall, this trip was really great and I would definitely come back. I would not change anything about my first experience here. Even though our current situation in the world isn’t what we want, things turned out just fine. I am looking forward to coming here again in the future!

Sara, 8th Grade
This year we went to Indianapolis for our mission trip. This has been my second mission trip, the first being Chicago. On this trip, I got to experience many new things, such as mulching, putting up painters’ tape, and going on a prayer walk where we went around the neighborhood praying, and picking up trash. We also painted, cleaned, and weeded garden beds. If you asked me what my favorite project was, I wouldn’t be able to answer.

During this trip we all received a devotional that we were able to work on during the week. I think that the one that impacted me the most was the one on Matthew 20:1-16. I feel that this passage shows me that we shouldn’t be jealous if someone who worked less gets the same reward as us. It also shows that even if someone get’s something and we don’t, it doesn’t affect us, therefore we shouldn’t be jealous.

One fear I had on this trip was that I wouldn’t be much help. This was just Satan trying to push self-doubt into my head. God helped me to have the strength to push these thoughts away.

I really enjoyed being able to serve with my friends, and I already can’t wait for next year. I pray that God continues to bring joy and strength to us even through this last day of our trip.

Macee, 8th Grade


This past week here in Indianapolis has been full of sunshine, weeding, painting, cleaning, and of course, laughter. I got to see people I haven’t seen in many years, but I have also gotten to make new friends and strengthen the friendships I already had.

My favorite project was repainting the Horizon Central church sign. Before we painted it, the colors were faded and the wood was worn. You could barely see the sign from the street because it blended in with the building behind it. However, after a full day of standing on a ladder, mixing colors, and cleaning brushes, the sign finally looks new again. My hope for this sign is that it would catch the eyes of people driving by or walking down the street. I hope that it would be a colorful invitation for people to come to Horizon Christian Fellowship and hear the Word of God.

I have been on a few mission trips in the past and I have always struggled with being myself and stepping up into leadership positions. One challenge on this trip that I faced was reaching the edge of my comfort zone and taking that last step to finally cross the line. I have never been a very outgoing person, but as one of the older students and an upcoming senior, I knew I would be looked at as a leader. Throughout the week God has given me the urge to take charge and be an example to others around me. I found myself cleaning up without being asked. I began sitting with the junior highers at meals to get to know them better. I even took initiative to start dancing during worship with a friend, hoping others would join in. On this trip God continued to surprise me by pushing my limits and developing me as a leader.

Gabby, 12th Grade

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