Costa Rica: Day 3!

Our first workday was a resounding success! We divided up into three teams, with one going to serve at the food bank, once servicing with a ministry called Conexion, and the third working with an organization call Youth with a Mission (YWAM).

Our food bank team was able to see how, because of the need here in Costa Rica, the food bank wastes absolutely nothing of the donations they receive. The team worked diligently to help tape packages of beans, rice, flower, sugar, etc. that had a hole or opening (the reason the item was donated to the food bank) so the valuable contents would be retained and kept safe until it could be distributed. Food that isn’t fit for the humans in need is prepped to be used to help feed animals that are in need.

Our second team served with Conextion, a Christian ministry that serves in several locations around the world. They have 7 areas of ministry that they focus on and the original plan was to serve with them in ministering to the children in the local school. However, on Sunday, the teachers here had decided to go on strike, so there were not children in school for us to serve, but that didn’t stop up. We helped to deep clean and sanitized a small, free medical clinic that Conextion runs on Wednesdays and on the weekends. The team moved everything out of the shipping container that houses the clinic, cleaned and sanitized every service, painted the ceiling, and put everything back. In addition to basic medical need, this clinic offers dental services and some other specialty medical services, serving 500 people a week on average.

Our third team (my team) partnered with YWAM, a missions organization that has been around for decades. They have about 7 bases minimum in over 180 countries. The base we served at houses a college that trains students from around the world for ministry. Because the school is growing so fast, they have needed to purchase more property. They were able to acquire over 30 acres directly across the street and have plans to build an entire complex that will be used to train believers from across the globe for ministry. We helped the bases maintenance manager transplant several hundred plants as part of the on going process to prepare the property for a conference they will be hosting for all of YWAM at this new location in the next year.

One of my favorite stories from today was from my group. Before leaving to go to YWAM, Cesar, our translator and long time AIM team member, had us start memorizing John 14:6 in Spanish. He also taught us a song, as well as a great way to share the gospel so that we could be better prepared to share should God open the door. But the best part is that, because this AIM base that we’re serving at is so new (about 6 months), they are still working hard to make more connections with churches and ministries in the community to grow relationships with those that they want to reach, but also for the teams (like ours) who will be coming to serve and share the gospel. So Cesar challenged us to pray specifically that we would make at least one connection with someone that Kevin and Anna, the base leaders, could use moving forward to minister.

Well God answered in a big way! During lunch, we met a man who has been serving here in Costa Rica for 17 years with a ministry called Homes of Hope. They build homes for those in need. But because of his years of serving with this ministry, he has made connections with dozens of local churches and other para church ministries! God is so good! Please be praying with us that this connection will be a profitable one, for both sides, as the Body of Christ continues to unify in the goal of serving those in need and bringing the gospel to all!

Tomorrow (day 4) we will again be splitting into three teams, heading back to serve with both Conextion and YWAM. But we will also be sending a team to Tirrases, a community that is in extreme poverty, and one that God has burdened the hearts of the AIM team for. In addition to getting a lay of the land in Tirrases, and meeting people, we’ll begin working on a sports camp style program for the children for Friday, Lord willing!


Because of Christ,

Matt Vince

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