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MissionCle2014 Day 6

We had a great week with Impact Student Ministries from Rochester, MN. They left this morning, but we continued serving strong all day. We worked again at MedWish this morning. It was impacting to hear how the items we’ve been sorting all week were expedited today to the Ukraine. They will be used to help train and supply first responders during this time of crisis.

This afternoon we worked on a number of projects here at PHBC including painting the PHCA lunchrooms and splitting wood and helping clear the pavilion site. We look forward to the fires this will supply.

We finished our evening off at the Randolphs’.  We enjoyed dinner, worship, sharing about our experience, and relaxing.  What an amazing week!

We’re tired – but it is a good tired. We fill like we’ve poured our life out for Christ this week.

See you at pick (4 pm).



MissionCle2014 Day 4 & 5

Day 4: Each of our days has started with a similar routine:

  • Hot showers 🙂
  • Filling breakfast (Thanks to Grace Adams, Kathy Randolph, and their team for feeding us!)
  • Personal devotions – studying some of the challenging sayings of Christ

After this, we’ve launched into full days of ministry. We’ve spent each morning at the Parma Area Family Collaborative, playing with kids and serving them breakfast. Then we finished sorting the mountain of donated food items.  (Thanks again!) Then we spent the rest of the morning visiting local schools and a few parks, where we cleaned up and prayed for that immediate community. We spent our afternoon sorting medical supplies at MedWish. This is a project our teens enjoy. We finished up with a trip to Honey Hut, then playing and worship at a nearby park.

Day 5: Today was long, but amazing. After serving at the Param Collab, we worked on landscaping and residential cleanup for a number of Parma Heights residents in need. It was amazing the amount of work we got done! In the evening we helped serve at our Hot Food Ministry. The last part of our night was worshiping together for the last time. (CCC leaves in the morning.)

That’s it for now.  Enjoy the pictures.


MissionCle2014 Day 3

What a full day.  We started our day off with a reminder from Matthew 20:16 “‘The last will be first, and the first will be last.'” A great reminder about Kingdom priorities.

We spent our morning dividing and conquering.  Christ Community Church did some neighborhood cleanup in Parma Heights, while PHBC fed and played with needy kids at the Parma Area Family Collaborative.  We laughed and cried with one of our teens, and her family, at the funeral of her dad.  It was a powerful celebration of his life.

After a lunch at a park, we volunteered at MedWish International.  We sorted donated medical equipment to be shipped to needy countries to save lives.

In the evening we worked on sorting the mountain of items our church donated for local food pantries.  There is so much, we’ll be working on it for a few more hours later on this week.

I’m proud of our group – they’re working hard, with cheerful and willing attitudes. I’m not hearing complaining – instead, lots of laughter. They’re also connecting well with the team from Minnesota.

Now it’s time to recharge our batteries for another day of service.


MissionCle2014 Day 1

Well, we’re all settled in, and heading to bed.  We had an exciting evening connecting with the youth group from Christ Community Church. It’s going to be a joy serving with them.

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