MissionCle2014 Day 4 & 5

Day 4: Each of our days has started with a similar routine:

  • Hot showers 🙂
  • Filling breakfast (Thanks to Grace Adams, Kathy Randolph, and their team for feeding us!)
  • Personal devotions – studying some of the challenging sayings of Christ

After this, we’ve launched into full days of ministry. We’ve spent each morning at the Parma Area Family Collaborative, playing with kids and serving them breakfast. Then we finished sorting the mountain of donated food items.  (Thanks again!) Then we spent the rest of the morning visiting local schools and a few parks, where we cleaned up and prayed for that immediate community. We spent our afternoon sorting medical supplies at MedWish. This is a project our teens enjoy. We finished up with a trip to Honey Hut, then playing and worship at a nearby park.

Day 5: Today was long, but amazing. After serving at the Param Collab, we worked on landscaping and residential cleanup for a number of Parma Heights residents in need. It was amazing the amount of work we got done! In the evening we helped serve at our Hot Food Ministry. The last part of our night was worshiping together for the last time. (CCC leaves in the morning.)

That’s it for now.  Enjoy the pictures.


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