MissionCle2014 Day 6

We had a great week with Impact Student Ministries from Rochester, MN. They left this morning, but we continued serving strong all day. We worked again at MedWish this morning. It was impacting to hear how the items we’ve been sorting all week were expedited today to the Ukraine. They will be used to help train and supply first responders during this time of crisis.

This afternoon we worked on a number of projects here at PHBC including painting the PHCA lunchrooms and splitting wood and helping clear the pavilion site. We look forward to the fires this will supply.

We finished our evening off at the Randolphs’.  We enjoyed dinner, worship, sharing about our experience, and relaxing.  What an amazing week!

We’re tired – but it is a good tired. We fill like we’ve poured our life out for Christ this week.

See you at pick (4 pm).



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