Washington DC Day 2

Today stared early, with a short, but interesting drive to our ministry host site. Various parts of major roads were closed or coned off because of significant storms and rain throughout the the night. We were a bit concerned that these storms, predicted throughout the day, would impact our ability to be out in the city. Praise God that He held off most of the rain, aside from some sprinkles in the afternoon.
We spent the morning working through some evangelism training, focusing on how to listen well and begin to bring up gospel advancing conversations. We had some time of worship, and then we were out in the city. The primary focus of our ministry today was in the form of a prayer walk, praying for the people we saw and met, as well as for people back home. We even had an opportunity to begin gospel conversations with some of those people.
We ask for your continued prayers for:
  • Energy and strength during the long, hot and humid days
  • Team unity
  • Boldness in sharing our faith
  • Safety
We we look forward to sharing more of our adventures with you tomorrow.

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