2016-09-07 OneEightyOne Update

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Well, a new school year is underway, and I’m more excited than a pack of puppies! I’m trusting God that this is going to be an amazing year of growth for our group and each of our students.
I want to welcome those of you who have recently subscribed to this blog or are checking us out for the first time at the beginning of the school year. This is where you will find weekly updates in several categories:
  • What we’ve been studying in the Bible and how you can follow up with your student
  • Upcoming events and details
  • Notes and thoughts from me, Dan Adams, the Pastor of Student Ministries



Prophets & Kings
Sunday School meets in the Youth Center each week from 9:30-10:30 am. We’re working our way through the Bible chronologically with a study entitled, “The Gospel Project”. The goal in this series is threefold:
  1. Learn the major content of the Bible through a chronological survey of the entire Bible
  2. Learn the major principles and life lessons throughout each book
  3. Apply these principles and lessons to our daily lives
We’re currently studying the book of 1 Kings.
  • ONE CONVERSATION: Parents – checkout this helpful resource. It’s designed to give you an overview of the lesson and provides you with discussion question so you can engage with them help reinforce what they’re learning.



Tonight we kicked off our mid-week service – and it was a fantastic start to the school year. I’m encouraged by both the turnout and the participation.
  • We’re beginning the year with a 3 week mini-series entitled, “Roots: Growing Your Faith”. We’re exploring spiritual disciplines that will help us grow and mature in our relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Tonight’s lesson was about the importance of having a regular devotion/quiet time where we read the Bible and connect with God.
  • PARENT’S NOTES: Parents – checkout this handout to get an overview of the lesson as well as some discussion question that will help you take the conversation further.


9/11 SLAM Team Meeting: This is the first meeting for the 2016-2017 SLAM Team. We’re meeting in the Diner from 12:30-2:30 pm

9/28 Gym & Game Night:It’s all about fun and games from 6:00-8:30. Students are encouraged to invite their friends.

9/28 See You at the Pole: This is a student-led prayer initiative. Students are encouraged to meet and pray around their school’s flagpole in the morning before school. Students should check with their school for times. If a prayer gathering isn’t organized, students should consider helping coordinate a prayer gather. More information on this prayer movement is available at www.SYATP.com.


Youth Band Applications: We’re working to build up our Youth Worship Bands. Students with music talent/interest can fill our this APPLICATION and bring it with them to Youth Group to schedule an audition.

Keeping up online:There are plenty of ways to find out what’s going on. This blog, emailed to you weekly is one of the best. Of course there are our printed updates through the bulletin (weekly), the Pulse (monthly), and In-Touch (quarterly). But now you can see updates from me, our leaders, and even the students. Follow us through the following links:

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