2016-07-25 Mission Indy Day 2

We’re coming to the end of a very hot but productive day. We have our crew divided up into 8 separate work teams so that we can easily divide and conquer, or combine forces. This morning we:
  • Purchased food to feed 38+ people for half of the week (can you imagine planning, purchasing, and prepping every calorie for hard working, hungry, growing, teens for an entire week?)
  • Cleared, mowed, edged a recreation field that we used for our Elementary Club
  • Cleaned and sanitized the food pantry including cleaning out the refrigerators
  • Cleaned the skate park
  • Picked up garbage, broken glass, etc. around the entire 2+ acre property, including multiple parking lots and play grounds
  • Sorted and stocked nearly 300 hygiene kits that we will distribute later this week
  • Prepped a bathroom for painting
  • Prepped an walkway and entrance for painting
And all of that was before lunch!
After lunch we went throughout the immediate community to cleanup garbage and took time to pray for the community, families, schools, and the ministry of Kids Inc.
This afternoon was the kickoff to Elementary Club (their VBS). Last year we launched this for them, and they have been able to have a kids club each week throughout the year. Today we had 30+ kids on our first day, which is a great start, especially considering it was their first day of school. Elementary Club includes:
  • Snack (they come over hungry right after school)
  • Music
  • Recreation games
  • Crafts
  • Bible lesson
  • Music and Bible verse
  • Giveaways and games
Our team did a great job today! Please continue to pray for our safety, unity, and spiritual impact.

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