2015 Indy Mission Trip – Day 4

Tonight’s post will be brief for three reasons:

  1. We’ve been busy, and I simply haven’t had time to upload photos yet
  2. We’ve been busy, and I’m tired
  3. We’ve been busy, but our ministry today was nearly identical to yesterday’s

So here are a few highlights:

  • God held off the predicted rain so that we could have a very successful VBS and move our outdoor projects ahead significantly
  • The team’s morale and spirits are high
  • After dinner we enjoyed a walking tour of downtown. Similar to downtown Cleveland, they have a circle, not a square
  • We all had some very delicious ice cream
  • We closed our time downtown with a powerful impromptu time of worship right on public circle

Tomorrow we will divide and conquer again. Two of our teams will be offsite at homes in the community helping several widows with their homes.

Until then – we appreciate your prayers!

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