2015-02-20 OneEightyOne Update

2015WinterJamWinter Jam is this Sunday, March 22.  10 bands for $10 at the door!  We’re meeting at the church at 3:30 pm and returning at 11:00 pm. Students should dress warmly, as we will be standing outside in line for an extended period of time. $10 cash at the door. Sign-up online if you plan to travel with us.

Summer Trips Info Meeting Promo

We had an awesome time this past weekend on our Winter Retreat.  Checkout some of the fun.

IN THE WORD THIS WEEK: Unlock the TruthUnlock the Truth – Understanding the Bible: This quarter we’re examining healthy Bible study habits. We’re looking into the validity of Scripture, and learning the benefits and blessings of making it a part of our daily lives.

In ConcertWednesday Youth Group: We’re continuing our study of the Holy Spirit. In the series, In Concert, we’re examining the spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit gives to every believer. Students are encouraged to take this Spiritual Gift Assessment this week.

For Discussion:

  1. Why does God give believers spiritual gifts?
  2. What do you think your spiritual gift might be?
  3. How can knowing your spiritual gift help you serve God more effectively?


2/22 Summer Trips Info Meeting: Parents and youth interested in Summer Camp, Mission Trip, and Algonquin Canoe Trip should join us at 12:30 in the Senior High Room. We will discuss the details for each of these trips.

InternshipSummer Internship: We’re currently looking to fill two positions for this coming summer. If you know someone you think would be great working with our children and youth, please pass along this link, or their contact info to DAdams@phbaptist.org.

Keeping up online (Twitter & Instagram): There are plenty of ways to find out what’s going on. This blog, emailed to you weekly is one of the best.  Of course there are our printed updates through the bulletin (weekly), the Pulse (monthly), and In-Touch (quarterly). But now you can see updates from me, our leaders, and even the students. Follow us through the following links:

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