2013-01-16 OneEightyOne Update

Discover Your SHAPE

We’re gearing up for our Winter Retreat @ Stony Glen.  I’m uber excited.  We’re meeting at PHBC at 5:30.  If you’re looking for all of the details, or need a copy of the mandatory Medical Waiver, go to www.oneeightyone.org.

Sunday School – The Gospel of John:John

  • This Week’s Theme: The students learned about Jesus’s power to heal: physically, emotionally, socially. Jesus can meet us in our deepest need. We focused on our faith to trust Him with the needs in our lives.
  • Focus Passage: John 4:43-54
  • Main Points (Parents – use these to follow-up with your teen):
    • Do we welcome Him in faith like the royal official?
    • Do we approach Him, trusting Him to ask for His help with specific personal needs?
    • Do we believe that God can perform miracles in our lives today?
    • We were left with a challenge to ask God for something personal, specific, and big this week.


  • Miniseries: “Unleashed – God’s Character Brings Freedom” in which we’ll learn how God’s holiness, mercy, grace, and discipline bring us freedom.
  • This Week’s Theme: “The Holy Judge” The students learned about God’s holiness and justice and were challenged to live holy lives.
  • Scripture Memory: 1 Peter 1:15-16 “But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: ‘Be holy, because I am holy.’”
  • Discussion Questions (Parents – use these to follow-up with your teen):
    • How should we see ourselves when compared to the holiness of God?
    • Is it hard to accept the perfect justice of God? Why?
    • How would you advise a friend who asks, “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

Important Info:

Super Bowl Outreach Party:Super Bowl Outreach Party

  • February 3, 6 pm @ the Randolph’s
  • Special halftime video – featuring Justin Tuck, Chris Canty, and Chase Blackburn, all from the 2012 Super Bowl Champion New York Giants
  • They’re be plenty of fun for everyone, even if you’re not into football
  • Guys bring a 2-liter of pop; Girls bring a dessert/snack; Everyone bring your friends!

Junior High Only Tobogganing:JrHighTobogganing-graphic

  •  February 16, 6-10 pm @ the Metroparks Chalet
  • $10, you may want to bring some $ for concessions
  • Everyone must bring gloves
  • Transportation to and from the church is available: drop-off @ 5:15, pickup @ 10:30

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