2013-01-09 OneEightyOne Update

Hello Parents – This is the first in a weekly series I’m working on.  The goal is to get a post like this out each midweek.  It should give you some idea of what we’ve been teaching on this past Sunday and Wednesday, as well as provide some discussion questions to help you engage in spiritual conversations with your teens.

Sunday School – The Gospel of John:John

  • This Week’s Theme: The students learned how the central story of the Bible is all about Jesus, and how He came to bring eternal life.
  • Focus Passage: John 3
  • Main Points (Parents – use these to follow-up with your teen):
    • Jesus is the only true God
    • Jesus is the only true way
    • The choice is ours – to choose to believe in Him for forgiveness and eternal life


  • Miniseries: “Unleashed – God’s Character Brings Freedom” in which we’ll learn how God’s holiness, mercy, grace, and discipline bring us freedom.
  • This Week’s Theme: The students learned how God demonstrates His mercy and grace in His dealings with man and how they should respond to these attributes.
  • Scripture Memory: Psalm 103:8 “The LORD is compassionate and gracious; slow to anger, abounding in love.”
  • Discussion Questions (Parents – use these to follow-up with your teen):
    • Explain in your own words how both grace and mercy are at work in salvation.
    • What does it mean to you to be adopted into God’s family?
    • How should we remember not to nullify or frustrate the grace of God or take it for granted?

Important Info:

Winter Retreat – “Discover Your Shape” (Spiritual Gifts) Discover Your SHAPE

Super Bowl Outreach Party

Super Bowl Outreach Party

  • February 3, 6 pm @ the Randolph’s
  • Special halftime video – featuring Justin Tuck, Chris Canty, and Chase Blackburn, all from the 2012 Super Bowl Champion New York Giants
  • They’re be plenty of fun for everyone, even if you’re not into football
  • Guys bring a 2 liter of pop’ Girls bring dessert/snack;
          • Everyone bring your friends!

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