Indy 2020 – Day 6, The Student Perspective

My trip to Indy was a really great experience and a fun time. Coming into this trip no one knew what to expect and then when we would find out each day, and people would get right to work. During my time in Indy, my favorite job was most likely mulching. Although I didn’t do all of the mulching, I still had a good time. Being with people who laugh, make jokes, smile, it just makes it so much more enjoyable. During mulching, I was surrounded by just that. This made mulching a really great time.

Coming on this trip was questionable and filled with a lot of confusion because of COVID-19. Leading up to leaving for the trip I was always worried that I wouldn’t be with my friends at the dorm rooms and in the vehicles. When we got assigned vehicles I wasn’t with all the people I wanted to be with. This was disappointing and made me fearful I wouldn’t have someone to talk to. Then when we arrived we got assigned dorm rooms and I wasn’t with them again, so this made me think I will never see them because I am not with them in the car or in a room together. As the week went on, I started to realize that it is okay not to be with them all the time. I can make new relationships and build up other ones, and I did. God also showed me it was okay through Sarah, one of our summer interns. Sarah challenged us to start sitting with new people at meals and intermix. This was another opportunity to work with others, have a conversation, and get to know each other more.

Overall, this trip was really great and I would definitely come back. I would not change anything about my first experience here. Even though our current situation in the world isn’t what we want, things turned out just fine. I am looking forward to coming here again in the future!

Sara, 8th Grade
This year we went to Indianapolis for our mission trip. This has been my second mission trip, the first being Chicago. On this trip, I got to experience many new things, such as mulching, putting up painters’ tape, and going on a prayer walk where we went around the neighborhood praying, and picking up trash. We also painted, cleaned, and weeded garden beds. If you asked me what my favorite project was, I wouldn’t be able to answer.

During this trip we all received a devotional that we were able to work on during the week. I think that the one that impacted me the most was the one on Matthew 20:1-16. I feel that this passage shows me that we shouldn’t be jealous if someone who worked less gets the same reward as us. It also shows that even if someone get’s something and we don’t, it doesn’t affect us, therefore we shouldn’t be jealous.

One fear I had on this trip was that I wouldn’t be much help. This was just Satan trying to push self-doubt into my head. God helped me to have the strength to push these thoughts away.

I really enjoyed being able to serve with my friends, and I already can’t wait for next year. I pray that God continues to bring joy and strength to us even through this last day of our trip.

Macee, 8th Grade


This past week here in Indianapolis has been full of sunshine, weeding, painting, cleaning, and of course, laughter. I got to see people I haven’t seen in many years, but I have also gotten to make new friends and strengthen the friendships I already had.

My favorite project was repainting the Horizon Central church sign. Before we painted it, the colors were faded and the wood was worn. You could barely see the sign from the street because it blended in with the building behind it. However, after a full day of standing on a ladder, mixing colors, and cleaning brushes, the sign finally looks new again. My hope for this sign is that it would catch the eyes of people driving by or walking down the street. I hope that it would be a colorful invitation for people to come to Horizon Christian Fellowship and hear the Word of God.

I have been on a few mission trips in the past and I have always struggled with being myself and stepping up into leadership positions. One challenge on this trip that I faced was reaching the edge of my comfort zone and taking that last step to finally cross the line. I have never been a very outgoing person, but as one of the older students and an upcoming senior, I knew I would be looked at as a leader. Throughout the week God has given me the urge to take charge and be an example to others around me. I found myself cleaning up without being asked. I began sitting with the junior highers at meals to get to know them better. I even took initiative to start dancing during worship with a friend, hoping others would join in. On this trip God continued to surprise me by pushing my limits and developing me as a leader.

Gabby, 12th Grade

Indy 2020 – Day 5 Update

Today was a day full of projects. The students have been working so hard, efficiently, and quickly on everything that we have given them, that we are left searching for more projects than what had originally been planned. We all feel so blessed to be able to have spent the past few days working to assist Kids Inc and Horizon Central.

The group of painters continued their work of painting door frames throughout the entirety of the building. With the speed that they were going we quickly realized that more painting projects needed to be found. A few of the students were sent down into the basement to repaint some of the brick columns where the paint was falling off and others got to work on giving a few of the doors a fresh coat of paint. The majority of the painting has been done and the team has enjoyed the task of peeling off the tape and competing to make the largest tape ball.

Another group of students headed outside to the parking lot to patch potholes, repaint posts, and paint fresh parking lines on the pavement. They of course finished this in no time and were split to conquer the jungles of weeds that had grown in a few of the gardens across the property. This was no easy task. The plots of land had been left unattended by human hands since early spring when the school closed, but had been taken over by briar bushes, spiky dandelions, and small trees. It made for hot, tiring work out in the sun. But the students did not let this stop them. They worked until break time with smiles on their faces the whole time, not once did I hear them complain.

This experience has been such a blessing for me, and I have felt honored to be able to come on this trip and work alongside your students. They have worked so hard and continue to amaze me with their dedication to God and their openness to learn.  The good that they are doing both for the community here and for God’s kingdom will last for years to come. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Sarah Oleson, Summer Intern
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Indy 2020: a busy but great start to the week!

What a whirlwind of a few days! It has been so busy, our team is flying through tasks almost as fast was we give them out. There is much to cover, but I’ll try to keep it brief.


Day 1

Admittedly, not all that much to report. After pictures and a time of prayer with family, we loaded all our things, tools, food, and supplies. We ate an early lunch then loaded up and pulled out. Our drive was uneventful. We were able to avoid the rain at the park where we ate, which was nice.

We arrived shortly after 7 at Kids Inc. After meeting Jesse and taking a quick tour, we were able to unload and get settled into our rooms, and then went to bed.


Day 2

Energy and spirits were high as we started our first full day. With a desire to be most helpful, we had everyone out helping to clean up the grounds; weeding flower beds, trimming hedges, picking up garbage, and trimming trees. Despite a couple popup showers we were able to get everything ready for mulch!

The team worked very hard and had great attitudes all day. After diner, we spent time in worship, had a short time in the word and then reviewed our morning devotions. We’re going through a week long study looking as some of the hard saying of Jesus. Today’s hard saying “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.”

Then we spent time together having some down time and some time to play. All and all, a fantastic day.


Day 3

Started with breakfast and our delivery of mulch, 20 cubic yards! After cleaning up breakfast, and time for devos the team hit the ground running. Many started attacking the huge mound of mulch. We also had teams attacking a mound of junk that needed to be tossed. We had a third team scraping old paint and taping to get ready for painting. Our final team began refurbishing the carpet ball table that we built for the ministry three years ago.

The teams worked quickly and efficiently. The large pile of junk was sorted, broken down and completely removed, the carpet ball table looks brand new, the first floor hallway has a fresh new look from the pain, and the huge mound of mulch is nearly gone. Your students and family members did an amazing job!


Please continue to be praying for the community that we’re serving in, and for the Ministry of Kids Inc. Every year we’ve come, we know that we have created interest among those in the community who are not familiar with Kids Inc. and encouraged those who are familiar and those who support what is being done here. We also know that all that we’re able to accomplish greatly aid Jake and Jesse Medlong by knocking out numerous needs on their to do list.


Thank you for your continued prayers and support!
Matt Vince – Youth Director

Summer Events!

Despite what the weather out side our windows says, it’s summer time! And with that comes our Summer schedule of events. Be sure you mark your calendars and register ASAP! And bring all your friends.
See you out there!
  • June 7-8 is our Intern Lock-in. You can get more info and register HERE.
  • June 12 is our Night of Camping. We’ll meet in the pavilion 6pm-10pm. Click HERE to register.
  • June 16-21 is our Chicago Mission trip. Please be praying for out team as we travel and serve!
  • July 10 is both and opportunity for service and fun! from 9am-12pm we’ll be helping to prepare for our kids summer Shake-Up for the following week. From 2pm-5pm we’ll be competing in the Messy Olympics! Mark your calendar!
  • July 20-27 is the Costa Rica trip. Please pray for the team heading out on this mission trip!
  • July 31 is our last outing for the summer, and we’ll be going to Cedar Point! Mark your calendars. Registration will open soon!

7-up Party

Attention all upcoming 7th grade students and parents, there is still time to register for the 7-up party, being held in your honor! We’ll be meeting tomorrow, May 31st, at 6:00pm in the Diner here at church. We’ll have dinner, play games, and give a ministry overview. You can register HERE.
See you tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving!

From the 181 student ministries team, we want to wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!
By way of some quick reminders:
1) Because of Thanksgiving, we are NOT having Youth Group tonight. Enjoy your time with your family!
2) Today is the LAST day to register for Reverb. You can get the details, register, and pay HERE before 11pm!
3) November 28th we will be having our Big Game themed game night 6pm-8:30pm!
4) Mark your calendar for out Student Ministry Christmas Party which will be on Wednesday, Dec. 19th 6pm-9pm! Cost is $10 for ice skating.
See you on the 28th!


Last Chance to lock in the discounted price!

Today is the last chance to lock in the discounted rate of $48 for Reverb before the price goes up. In order to lock in the discounted rate you must register AND pay TODAY! 
Payments can be made online or you can bring your payment to youth group tonight (checks should be made out to Parma Heights Baptist Church).
Tomorrow the price goes up to $53 per person. Let your friends know too! You can click HERE for more information as well as to register and pay.

Reverb Registration Is OPEN!

    • Checkout this lineup of events and activities:

      • Locations include: Quicken Loans Arena, Bolwing Alley, and CSU Recration Center
      • Cleveland Monster’s hockey game at the Q
      • Youth Rally – with tons of games, contests, prizes, giveaways, and a chance to get down on the ice
      • High impact youth speaker
      • All you can eat pizza and pop
      • Unlimited bowling
      • More games, contests, prizes, and giveaways
      • Inflatables
      • Dodgeball tournament
      • Volleyball tournament
      • Soccer tournament
      • Gaga ball
      • Archery tag
      • Nine square in the air
      • And much, much more!
    • Click HERE for more info and to register!

Youth Outing This Wednesday!!

Calling all youth!
This Wednesday from 9 am -4 pm we will be having our second youth outing of the summer!
From 9-12 we will be helping set up for the Summer Shake-Up and then we will move on to a gourmet feast that will be prepared by the interns. After we are done eating we will embark on a Video Scavenger Hunt journey and compete for remarkable prizes!
Be there or be square!

Youth Outing – This Wednesday!

Beat the heat here at church with an afternoon of water games from 12pm-4pm this Wednesday, the 13th!
Come dressed in modest cloths that can get wet and messy.
Be sure to bring a towel and a change of cloths for your trip home!
All 7th-new grads are welcome!
See you there!