2018 Summer Trips Meeting

Parents and students are invited to join us this Sunday, in the Sr. High Room at 12:30 pm for our Summer Trips Info Meeting. We’ll discuss the pertinent details for each of our summer trips and answer your questions. 
We hope to see you there!

2016-07-09 Summer Camp Day 7

Well we’re on our way home. We appreciate your prayers for safe travels. 
As a reminder: we plan to be back at the church around 8:00 pm for pickup at the Youth Center. All students are expected to help with unpacking and a quick cleaning of the vehicles. If we anticipate being off schedule by more than 15 minutes we’ll do our best to contact you in advance.

2016-07-08 Summer Camp Day 6


It’s been an amazing week here at Word of Life in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. Our students have made new friends, enjoyed a week of adventures, and been challenged to follow Christ more faithfully. I’ve enjoyed hear about the commitments they’re making for Christ. I encourage you to ask engaging questions about their experience when they’re home. (After they get a good nap.)


As a reminder: we plan to be back at the church around 8:00 pm for pickup at the Youth Center. All students are expected to help with unpacking and a quick cleaning of the vehicles. If we anticipate being off schedule by more than 15 minutes we’ll do our best to contact you in advance.


Now enjoy some fun pictures and videos from our last day at camp.




2016-07-07 Summer Camp Day 5

2016-07-07 12.12.03
This morning we had the opportunity to gather together before lunch to digest and debrief all of the things God’s been stirring in our hearts. I was impressed by the deep sharing by so many of them. God’s been speaking to them and they’ve been listening.
We’ve been blessed with great weather. Today, we had a break from the sunshine for a downpour that cooled things off just a little. It was a beautiful storm that didn’t slow us down for long.

2016-07-07 Summer Camp Day 5 (Bonus Post)

2016-07-05 14.03.16
This morning we had all of our Island Campers together for Youth Group Devotions. It was a great time of sharing what God’s been doing in our hearts. If your child is at camp this week, make sure you ask them about it.
We also chatted about some of our favorite activities. One activity that was mentioned several times – the giant water slide. You can catch some of our students in water slide action below – enjoy.

2016-07-06 Summer Camp Day 4

2016-07-05 19.20.19
It’s been a long and full day, with an exciting late night. Our day was full with hours of dodge ball tournaments, paintball, beach time, climbing towers, high ropes courses, zip lines, and lots of team contests.
The highlight, in my mind, was the campfire service at both The Wild and The Island. Both camps were challenged to put God first in all things. Students were challenged to let go of anything that has been holding them back from living complete committed lives for Christ. For some students, this was anger and baggage from the past. For others, this was things and people in their lives that have become idols, taking the #1 place in their hearts and lives before God. At the end of the service students were invited to come forward and throw their stick in the fire. While there’s nothing magical about doing this, it is a great visual for our students of the very real commitment for Christ that they made tonight. This simple visual can help them remember this special night and important decision long after then excitement of camp has worn off.
I’m exited to report that the majority of our students went forward to make some sort of decision. I look forward to chatting with each of them to hear how God worked in their hearts tonight.
But it’s late, so I’ll leave you with a few pictures from today. Let’s be honest, that’s why you’re checking here anyway. 🙂

2016-07-05 Summer Camp Day 3

It was a gorgeous day here at Schroon Lake, NY. Along with the sunshine came our students – eager for fun. As you can see below, they found it.
Our theme this year has us exploring our identity in Christ. Tonight our students at the island were challenged from John 8 to understand more deeply Christ’s love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. We’re loved and forgiven when we receive Christ. This is a power truth that our youth need to know, understand, and rest in.
It’s my prayer that we all find our true identity not in our past, not in or sin and failures, but in the rich and deep forgiveness and love that only Christ can offer.
Please continue to pray for our students as they are challenged throughout the week to love Christ and follow Him more faithfully.

2016-07-04 Summer Camp Day 2


“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” – John 8:36

Day 2 of camp, our first full day, has been full of fun, celebrations, and adventures. I’m glad to say that our students are having fun, safe and healthy, making new friends, and being challenged throughout the day to follow Christ more faithfully.
We ended our day with the fantastic annual Schroon Lake 4th of July fireworks display. It was a great end to a great day.

2016-07-03 Summer Camp Day 1

Well, after a long but relatively uneventful day of traveling, we’re all checking into our respective camps and settling in for the night. I think it’s fair to say we’ll all sleep well tonight. I’m proud of our students – they traveled well. I look forward to sharing with you all of our camp adventures, but for now, I’ll just leave you with a few pictures from the day.
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