Summer Camp Day 7

Safe and sound.


Summer Camp Bible Hour Summary

Summer camp has been a great time for our students to make great memories, meet new friends, grow closer with current friends, and be challenged in their faith. As they’re taking steps forward in their faith, I’m praying that this week of camp has a lasting ripple effect in their lives. I know that’s been my experience. We can help them concrete their commitments. Take time to ask about what they learned.  Have them describe their commitments to Christ.  Encourage them and pray with and for them.

The summary below might be a great starting point for you.



From Word of Life Island:

Rob Phillips

Rob Phillips was our Bible Hour speaker this week on Word of Life Island and here are four principles to live by he shared with us:
1. I am forgiven, therefore I am free to forgive!
2. I am righteous, so I am free to live righteously
3. I am loved, therefore, I am free to love!
4. I have victory so I am free to live victoriously

Summer Camp Day 6 Photos

Last night we had torrential downpours for quite some time.  We more than survived – we had a great time. Today has been cooler, but no less fun. Many of our teens are playing paintball, doing the high ropes course, playing at the beach, and competing in the dodge ball tournament.

I’m writing mid-day, so that I can fuel vehicles, pack the group gear, and prep for our return trip. Pictures today will be limited. You’ll likely have to wait until camp is over to see pictures from tonight’s fantastic fireworks display.

As we communicated earlier, we plan to return to the church around 8 pm.  If we’re significantly off this mark, we’ll do our best to notify you. All students are expected to help clean the vehicles before going home. Please pray for our safe return.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,



Summer Camp Day 5 Photos

Some of the camp highlights for me each year are the times when we all get together as a Youth Group to share what God’s been doing in our hearts throughout the week.  We got to do that this morning. I’m overjoyed to hear the commitments they’re making for Christ, and how He’s stirring them to live for Him more faithfully.  Make sure you ask them about it when they get home!



Summer Camp Day 4 Photos

Today was a “fun in the sun” kind of day, and we’re grateful for the great weather He’s provided.  As you will see – they’re having all kinds of adventures.

In tonight’s chapel service, our teens were challenged to live for Christ. They were given an opportunity to show this commitment by tying a ribbon on the cross.  Each ribbon representing their decision to live for Him. Here’s the commitment that more than half of our group made tonight:


Please continue to pray for our students – specifically that the commitments they make tonight will last their lifetimes. I’m praying for you tonight, as you do your part to encourage them and spur them on.


Summer Camp Day 3 Photos

Last night I was reminded again of God’s grace, and why I love working with our teens. The Gospel was presented in the evening chapel and dozens of teens trusted Christ for salvation for the first time – Praise God!  Several of our students made significant commitments to Christ as well, including 2 who wanted to re-dedicate their lives to Him.

Today was another hot, humid, and amazing day.  The youth are having a blast. It’s exciting to see them processing what their learning from the Bible hours.

BTW, you can also follow happenings at camp on Twitter: #wolisland

Please continue to pray for safety and spiritual impact.