2015 Indy Mission Trip – Day 2.2 Bonus Pictures

We know why you’re here.  🙂

2015 Indy Mission Trip – Day 3

This Mission Team is amazing. Monday was a tough day. Don’t get me wrong – it was amazing ministry, but it was long, hot, and exhausting. I went to bed praying for the youth’s energy and strength. (I pray that every night for the adults already.) I’m grateful that the Lord answered with abundant energy and gave renewed spirits and attitudes eager to serve. It’s been another amazing day. We have a great group of youth.

Today’s projects were very similar to yesterday’s. We got more painting done. One team tackled a hugely overgrown field and conquered it. Additionally they tackled the property of a neighbor who needed help. Another team sorted all of our hygiene and school supplies so that they’re ready for distribution at the end of this week. A final team worked on scraping and painting exterior doors. Tomorrow we hope to finish most of these projects.

Our kid’s club is growing. Yesterday we had 38 kids, and today we had 49. This is a great turn out for them, and it’s amazing to see the connections being made with families. In addition to crafts, games, snacks, and songs, the kids are hearing about God’s love each day. It’s exciting to watch.

Here are just a few personal highlights from the day:

  • Hearing our youth returning from a grueling task in the 90+ heat and humidity asking, “What can I do next?”
  • Seeing the local elementary school outreach director get moved to tears seeing our youth working with her kids and seeing the mountains of hygiene and school supplies we’re giving to her to distribute to needy families throughout the school year
  • Seeing a worker from the local elementary school walking over with 29 kids for VBS
  • Watching my 3 daughters jump in with the teens and serve on most of the projects
  • Encouraging our developing leaders run with worship, AV, recreation, crafts, snacks, etc. They’re not just helping. They’re doing and leading!
  • Getting to “spar” with a real live ninja (long story)

Please continue to pray for our safety and strength.

2015 Indy Mission Trip – Day 2

Whew – what a day! It’s fair to say that the team worked hard, and we accomplished a lot, on a variety of projects including:

  • Property Maintenance for KIDS Inc.: Some of our crew worked on beautifying their campus by trimming years of overgrowth on their hedges, cleaning up around the property, and weeding some of their flower beds.
  • Community Cleanup: Another part of our crew walked throughout the community picking up garbage and praying for various families throughout the neighborhood.
  • Painting: The rest of the crew prepped and taped halls for the painting we will do throughout the week.
  • Grocery Shopping: The Mom Squad (Grace & Kathy) went shopping to feed all 28 of us, and all of the kids coming out for VBS. Can you imagine feeding that many people for an entire week? They rock!

After lunch, we did the final prep for our VBS. It was so exciting to see one of the workers from the school bringing over an entire line of students from across the street. She attends church here, and gets what we’re trying to do – share the love of Christ with these kids and their families.

I’m excited to say that we had about 40 kids our first day, which is much more than they expected. I’m told that a turnout of 25 kids is typically a good turnout. Continue to pray for these kids and families as we love on them and share Christ with them.

Alright – I need to go play with the youth. There’s a rousing game of sardines underway, and Kaitlyn B. is an excellent hider.

2015 Indy Mission Trip – Day 1

First off – we made it, safe and sound, without incident. Praise God!

Before anything else is said, I want to thank the strong support we felt from Parma Heights Baptist Church both today in our commissioning and in the months leading up to this week. You are an encouragement and a blessing! I also want to thank the Bunchers who prepared and served us lunch at our sendoff. Yum! Also Phil Randolph, who stuck around to help us load the trailer – which was no small task.

Our travels were safe, and we made it here to KIDS Inc. right on time. After unpacking in the pouring rain, we settled into our dorms and had some orientation time. It’s been a long day, but we’re eager for the work God has for us in the morning.

We appreciate your prayers for safety and spiritual impact!

2015 Summer Mission Trip

Indy 2015

Tomorrow 28 from our Youth Ministry depart for Indianapolis for our summer mission trip. We’re partnering with a Christian inner-city ministry to kids and youth: KIDS Inc. While we’re there we’ll be helping with upkeep of their facilities, running a VBS for kids in their community, yard and property upkeep for their outreach families, organizing a community meal for needy families, working on the property of a nearby elementary school, distributing thousands of school supplies and hygiene products, and sharing our faith in Christ and the gospel all throughout.

We appreciate your prayers for safety and spiritual impact. Thanks!

2015-07-15 OneEightyOne Update – July Outing

We had a blast today helping prep for next week’s Vacation Bible School and our Mission trip in 2 weeks.  Thanks for all of the help.  After lunch we enjoyed a fun pool party.  I love hanging with this crew.