Haiti Day 3

Another amazing day in Haiti. Our day started off early with our first day of Vacation Bible School. After an energetic opening program we helped the kids work through 4 separate stations:

1. Recreation – where we get to play games and help them burn off some of their endless energy.

2. Agriculture – where they’re learning the basics of land preservation, cultivation, to avoid pollution, and how to plant and grow healthy crops.

3. Nutrition – each child receives a nutritious meal, enhabced with vitamins and minerals, consisting of rice, beans, noodles, and purified water. This is the only/primary meal for many of them.

4. Bible – where they hear the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the week.

This afternoon we visited a nearby village – Source Matelas. We were able to plant 24 trees (mango, cherry, and avacado) for various families. These trees will provide food, shade, and help reestablish ground cover and top soil. During the project we were able to talk with family members about Jesus Christ and pray for their needs. One of our teams even had the privelege of leading a young man to salvation in Christ!

As you can see it was a very fully and fruitful day.

Haiti Day 2

Sorry for the delay, internet access has been very poor. This is yesterday’s (Sunday’s) post without pictures. Many more pictures will come as the Internet allows.

Today was very full, not with work projects yet, but with worship and orientation. We enjoyed a tour of Mission of Hope’s main campus in Titanyen. 

We got to see their amazing clinic which includes an ER, prosthetic clinic, dental clinic, and soon an OR. They also operate mobile clinics through the villages in the region. They’re offering some of the best medical care in the country. 

We also got to tour their various shops that provide job training and enployment for Haitians including a coffee and ice cream shop, an art gallery, and a shop that sells various hand made goods like jewelry. 

One amazing part of the ministry here is how they are feeding 91,000 Haitians daily!

We took a tour through several villages where MOH has done amazing work providing improved housing and water for the locals. 

Worship at the Church of Hope was amazing, even if it was in Haitian Creole. It’s interesting to see how other believers worship our God so passionately. 

Dinner tonight was a traditional Haitian meal of chicken, rice, beans, and plantains, prepared by some local women. It was delicious.

We also got to see the retirement village MOH has established as well as the technical school and sports clinic they are currently building.

Finally we concluded our day with a time of worship and celebration back at the Church of Hope. 

These are just the highlights. As you can see it was a very full day of cathing the vision for how God is at work here. Tomorrow we will be busy with VBS and planting trees. 

Prayers for our team are appreciated. We already have a couple of students who are feeling the effects of the heat. Everyone is ok but this week will be physically challenging.

Haiti Day 1.2

We’ve all arrived safe and sound and ate settling into the Mission of Hope base. It was a tiring day of travel, but we’ll worth it. This is a beautiful country. Tomorrow we have orientation, a tour if several MOH facilities, and 2 worship services.

Haiti Day 1

And we’re off. We appreciate your prayers.

And that’s a wrap!

This morning started early to ensure we had time to pack our belongings, clean up after ourselves, and eat breakfast before hitting the road. We loaded the trailer, said our goodbyes, and heard a challenge from Matt to remember the impact of serving on those around us, the importance of encouraging those in ministry, and that we should not be discouraged because we are not alone in striving to serve God.   We have had a safe drive so far, and are now at an indoor trampoline park, Westerville Rockin’ Jump. The students really deserve an afternoon of fun after their hard work and dedication this week! Thank you for your continued prayers, we look forward to seeing everyone this evening.

Have you ever built a gaga ball pit?

We have!  As many of you already know, last year’s mission trip team built a carpetball table for KIDS Inc’s game room. This year, we offered to build a gaga ball pit. The KIDS Inc. team thought it was a great idea, so we purchased supplies and built a portable gaga ball pit… we finished just in time for it to be introduced at Teen Night this evening. Our prayer is that the gaga ball pit will be used tonight, as well as many nights in the future to help KIDS Inc. reach teens for Christ.  We also completed several other work projects, primarily painting the food pantry, scraping paint, sorting and stacking clothing for an outreach event KIDS Inc is involved with tomorrow, and helping to prepare the building for Teen Night.  We delivered a few more bags of groceries this morning,  and the remaining food and hygiene supplies will be left with KIDS Inc staff to distribute as they continue serving this community.  Teen Night is wrapping up as I write this post, we have spent the last 2 hours playing gaga ball, carpetball, basketball, and just generally hanging out with an awesome group of teenagers from the communities around KIDS Inc. We heard a challenge from Jake, the director of KIDS Inc. and the Gospel was clearly presented. We know that God has the power to change hearts and lives, please join us in praying that the teenagers present tonight would be open to the message shared and would also remain involved with the various ministries of KIDS Inc. throughout the year. We have had a busy week! We have been challenged, stretched, and blessed by the opportunities we have had to serve and interact with everyone here. We will be leaving for home tomorrow morning, please pray for safe travels! The current schedule is to have students picked up at 9 PM on Saturday in the youth center. If we anticipate being more than 15 minutes early/late we will let parents know as soon as possible. Thank you for your prayers! We could not have accomplished everything we did this week without your encouragement and support.