2015-01-14 OneEightyOne Update

Happy New Year! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged – and it’s time. There are a few upcoming events that you should know about. But first – checkout the fun we had tonight…


Unlock the TruthUnlock the Truth – Understanding the Bible: This quarter we’re examining healthy Bible study habits. We’re looking into the validity of Scripture, and learning the benefits and blessings of making it a part of our daily lives. This past Sunday we studied the Inspiration of the Bible.

AmplitudeWednesday Youth Group: We’re continuing our study of the Holy Spirit. In the series, Amplitude, we’re seeing how the best life is the Spirit-filled life. Tonight we saw what the Bible has to say about the lost, carnal Christians, and Spirit-filled Christians.

For Discussion:

  1. In general, are the students at your school most likely lost, carnal, or Spirit-filled Christians?
  2. Why is it easy for some Christians to be carnal rather than Spirit-filled?
  3. Which of these categories most accurately describes you?


REFRESH PPT1/17 RE*FRESH – Children, Youth, and Adult volunteers – plan to join us from 8:15 am – noon and be refreshed. We’ll enjoy a scrumptious breakfast, enjoy workshops geared for you and your ministry, and have the chance to meet some me ministry partners and checkout their resources. This is for all volunteers, but especially those serving with our youth worship band, youth ministry, VBS, Sports Camp, and youth working in any Children’s ministries. Sign-up here.

2014-10-29 20.31.271/19 Gym & Game Day – a  Enjoy the day off from school with some open gym and game time from 1-4 pm. It’s a great way to relax and burn off some energy. Invite your friends! (Volleyball, basketball, foosball, basketball, air hockey, pool, Wii, and much more.)

Unfrozen - Poster2/13-15 Winter Retreat: Unfrozen – Warmed by God’s Love: We live in a world that can be cold and harsh at times. It’s only natural for us to harden our hearts, but that’s not what God wants for us. Throughout the weekend, we’ll examine the Bible to see how God’s sacrificial love can warm our hearts and impact our relationships with Him, our peers and parents, significant others, and the world around us.

2014-02-02 19.59.502/1 Super Bowl Outreach Party – Join us for the big game at 6 pm at the Randolphs’. We’ll enjoy a taco bar, the game, hanging with friends, a half time gospel presentation, and plenty of games. Don’t like football? Don’t worry, there will be plenty for you to enjoy too. Online sign-up will be available next week.

InternshipSummer Internship: We’re currently looking to fill two positions for this coming summer. If you know someone you think would be great working with our children and youth, please pass along this link, or their contact info to DAdams@phbaptist.org.

Keeping up online (Twitter & Instagram): There are plenty of ways to find out what’s going on. This blog, emailed to you weekly is one of the best.  Of course there are our printed updates through the bulletin (weekly), the Pulse (monthly), and In-Touch (quarterly). But now you can see updates from me, our leaders, and even the students. Follow us through the following links:

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