2015-07-08 OneEightyOne Update – Summer Camp Day 4

Again – another great day at camp. The weather’s been perfect – and the students are having a blast deepening friendships, being challenged by God’s Word, and enjoying the many activities.

Please continue to pray for our group – as several have been wrestling with a stomach bug.


At the Ranch:

At the Island:

2015-07-07 OneEightyOne Update – Summer Camp Day 3

If you’re following along online, you’ve seen that our students are having a fantastic time at camp. What you can’t tell from the pictures – is that dozens of students trusted Christ for salvation last night at both the Island and Ranger camps.

Praise God! Please continue to pray for God to work in their hearts. Tomorrow night our students will be challenged to trust Christ, not necessarily for salvation, but for greater surrender in specific areas of their lives. I’ve been praying that they would allow the Holy Spirit freedom to work in their hearts and minds in new and powerful ways.

I learned yesterday that chapel sessions should streaming live at wollive.org. Check it out for a taste of what the students are experiencing. I’m not sure the quality – but I’m eager to hear.

Lastly – before all of the pictures (which is why you’re really here…), I want to thank these ladies – who have dedicated an entire week of their summer and time away from their families to invest in the lives of our students.  I’m grateful for each of them – and they’re loving on our students well.

2015-07-07 20.06.22

At the Ranch:

At the Island:

2015-07-06 OneEightyOne Update – Summer Camp Day 2

The students are having a blast – and have enjoyed the beach, meeting new friends, and participating in all kinds of crazy games and contests. See for yourself.

At the Ranch:

And at the Island:

Summer Camp

I just found out that the Island’s sessions are streaming live at wollive.org check it out and let me know how it works.

2015-07-05 OneEightyOne Update – Summer Camp Day 1

Our week of Word of Life Summer Camp is off to a great start. We had hassle-free travels, and all of our students are checked into camp, with activities already underway.

Please continue to pray for safety and spiritual impact.


2015-06-19 OneEightyOne Update

And just like that – it’s summer! This past school year has flown by, and in the last couple weeks we’ve been busy: welcoming up our upcoming 7th graders, celebrating our graduates, partying at the Intern Lock-in, and prepping for FOCUS Sports Camp at our June Outing. Checkout all of the fun!